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I have a very special friend, well no that is doing her a disservice - she is family - and she LOVES yak... all the yak... if I get a message from Amanda you know it will be can I have that ... but in yak! So this colourway is all the colours on one skein of yak just for you Mand! Yak really is a glorious base as it creates the most amazing tones as the base colour is a stunning grey to begin with. I'm just as in love with it as Amanda is to be fair.

Merino yak nylon sock - 400m

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Mandas love

2 Reviews

Joanna lane 24th Dec 2021


Loved this yarn so much, i bought some more, now making a shawl and just love the way the colours unfold.

Joanna Dann 22nd Oct 2021

Another winner

Another fabulous yarn from Lisa. Beautiful jewel colours, knits up very evenly and is sooo soft. I love it.

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