It started with a hook!


I first learnt to crochet over 6 years ago now, after having my first baby I was looking for something that wasn't "mummy" I wanted a hobby that was just for me.... coming from a graphic design background anything creative makes my heart sing so when I stumbled across crochet I was immediately 'hooked'... excuse the pun!

I have always been 'arty farty' as my parents put it, and anything with colour makes me very happy! I am rarely without a sketchbook/notepad and now wip... creativity keeps me sane, and so does my yarn addiction! Sadly my Mum suffers from chronic rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and couldn't hold a hook or needles, keen to help her and given the added benefits clearly documented about knitting and crocheting to relieve stress I had to do something - so I made my first hook handle! I was amazed at how much easier the hook was to hold and how it really aided tension and wrist strain... it soon developed into much more than a hobby and For the Love of Yarn was born. Since then the business has grown from a few handmade hooks to what you see now, soon after I started to make polymer clay hooks I learnt to dye yarn and added hand painted yarn to the collection. We now stock hooks, needles, hand dyed yarn and lots of other notions all handmade by myself in my studio in the heart of Scotland.

I have lots of plans for more ways to be creative and I hope you'll come with me on the journey - stop back often for regular shop updates and to see what else I have up my sleeve.

Love Lisa x