Q. Whats the best yarn for a beginner?

A. Personally I started with Double Knitting yarn as its a thick enough yarn to be able to see your stitches clearly - I would steer clear of sock weight and Lace.


Q. What is the best use for sock weight yarn?

A. Sockweight yarn is extremely versatile, I love to make shawls and knitted socks with this yarn weight while others have been known to make stunning tops and garments just as well.


Q. How long do custom dye jobs take?

A. This is very dependent on the time of year and the current dye schedule - but the average time is 2-3 weeks, but I will discuss this with you and do my best to meet any deadline you may have.


Q. Can you dye me something like I've seen online?

A. The process of hand dyed yarn means that every dye batch will vary, that being said I'm afraid while I can incorporate similar colours and likes I'm afraid I will not mimic another dyers yarn, purely because an artist wouldn't appreciate a copycat and the same applies here.