Lucky Dip


Do you like a surprise - can you never decide which colour you want? Then let me do it for you! I have a box full of discontinued colour ways that need a loving home!

It could be any weight and colour -  TRUE SURPRISE!

High quality hand dyed yarn in a surprise colour way! whats not to love.

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Lauren 28th Oct 2020

Lucky Dip Squish!

I love the element of suprise & i can be terrible at deciding what goes with what, so i ordered 1 of the Lucky Dips alongside a few others skeins, and guess what? it compliments them :) Thank you Lisa for putting the thought into my lucky dip choice! i love it!! :D

Sarah macleod 9th Apr 2020

Lucky dip

I often find it so hard to pick a yarn because I just want them all!! I picked a lucky dip yarn and the monthly yarn to help brighten my mood and lisa did not fail me I got sent two beautiful yarns that complimented each other Xxxx

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