Mini skeins - so many options!

So many Minis so many patterns!! this years Advent truly is our biggest yet! Every year I like to compile a list of my favourite patterns I've seen that I think will showcase the advents best. It's always really difficult because the Advent boxes come in a variety of bases which makes meterage etc hard to find that perfect single pattern - so I give you all my favs! I'm nice like that!

So here are a small list of some of my favourite patterns I've found on my travels that I think this years advent will suits well.

Have fun and remember its your advent - make is special, there is no "right" answer  - its yours to do as you wish with. A lady I know literally hung her minis on gold hoops and displayed it just like that - so anything is possible! :)

Knit patterns: 

FairIsle MKALender by Tavi knits

This stunning cowl needs no introduction - I mean just look at it! - find it here:

Sleigh All Day Advent wrap by Allison Stuefer

This wrap is perfect for those brioche lovers amount us! Find it here:

Advent Sweater by Heleens Knithouse

I just love a good sweater and this is perfect for those minis to showcase all those yummy colours!

Crochet Patterns:

Riptide Advent wrap by Mariana Muller

Isn't this stunning! Find it here:

Fairbanks advent shawl by Toni Lipsey

Love this! Find it here:

Mrs Fezziwig, A Crochet Wrap By Dawn Barker

What a stunning Pattern to finish on! You can find it here:

I could go on and on and on..... but part of the joys of the advent box is deciding how best you use all those little bundles of joy - But for now I hope this gives you a starter for 10!

Enjoy and remember whatever you choose to do with your advent use the hashtag #ftloyadvent so I can see what you create! 

Happy stitching, Love Lisa xxx