2020 Advent Ideas

So 2020 has been a bit of a year... and then some! But one of the things FTLOY is quite proud of is that we still managed to create our annual Advent Calendar, even if that meant we dyed some from the house while shielding, then some from the studio, and that the studio looked like a bomb site throughout. But we did it and we love it!

This years advent has oodles of speckles, variegated and semi solid colourways - they have been dyed to offer the full range of options, the yarns will appear random as you open them but once all together should you choose to blend or fade, or go completely random, the choice is yours! The skeins are also dyed to work well together and co-ordinate with the xmas day 100g skein.

We really wanted to be ale to offer a box that compliments so many of the fabulous designs that have come out in 2020.

We also offered 3 different weights this year, a sockweight box, a DK box, and new for 2020 a sock/mohair lace box. So depending on what one you ordered will determine your colours, but all are equally stunning... if I do say so myself.

(This is an image of a previous year - colours will not be the same as 2020)

So each year I like to compile a list of a few of my favourite designs that I think will work well, and with the new sock mohair box the options are even more exciting! so here we are:

In addition to the patterns I included in the advent, here are some more amazing ideas..

(image copyright of Ambah)

Radvent blanket

One of our favourite (new to us) designers is Ambah, We were introduced to Ambah this year... yes I know I must have been hiding under a rock! What a fabulous designer with so many amazing patterns. This blanket pattern is absolutely perfect for those of you would want to knit a square a day of mindless knitting throughout December, then use your 100g skein to join them all together.

A lovely idea for this pattern would be to hold a skein of sock and a skein of mohair together if you chose that ox to create a truly gorgeous, super soft version!

Ambah is running multiple knit-a-longs through out December which could appeal to some of you.

(image copyright of Sarah Jane Knits)

Winter Wonder Wrap

This wrap by the designer Sarah Jane Knits is truly stunning! What a fabulous way to use an advent. This pattern would work well for those of you wanting to go completely random but equally would e amazing for those of you who want to wait to see all the colours and to create your own unique colour order. The contrast stripes between each section will work well for your 100g skein.

Personally I would blend and fade the colours from lighter shades through to the darker ones but wouldn't it be fun if you knitted each day as it came to create a wild and whacky theme!

The discussion we had about this pattern in particular was that it would e really effective to use this pattern for the sock/mohair box, doing one stripe in the sockweight then the next stripe in the mohair held on its own to really create a stunning textural wrap!

Ones for the crocheters among us...

(image copyright of Kat Goldinl)

Rings of Saturn

Two fo my favourite crochet designers are Joanne and Kat of The Crochet Project, Kat has become a real family friend with us often found spending time (pre-covid) on her farm letting other her kids and mine run free and get up to mischief. I first met Joanne and Kat many years ago now and can honestly say they are truly amazing crochet designers.

This shawl if from one of their shawl books this year where they used one of my fade packs to create it - but this shawl is really versatile and could easily be done in multiple mini skeins.

(image copyright of Sarah Mcfall)

Skipping Pebbles

Another friend of mine is the fabulous Sarah Mcfall - Sarah is a wonderful crochet designer and I especially love her Skipping pebbles shawl pattern - worked in DK yarn this would be especially good for those of you who purchased a DK advent - although the pattern can lend well to sockweight and even sock and mohair held together.

I could sit here all day and list more and more patterns that will work well for advent boxes, but as well as the patterns included in the box I think this is enough to be thinking about .... no? Ok as few more!

These links are some more of my all time favourites, each pattern will work with a random colour order as it appears in the box, but also lend themselves well to waiting till you have compiled all your colours and want to create your own special order.


mini mania scarf

Mini skein Merriment

Mighty Mini


Battenberg Blanket

Mrs Lams Crochet Wrap

I hope these ideas have been useful, whether you follow the running order of your box or wait till the end and combine it with your xmas day skein I cant wait to see what you all create! Advent boxes are so much work to create but boy do we love doing them - remember to show us all your creations using hashtag #ftloyadvent

Enjoy, and happy holidays

Love Lisa - and the Cherubs xx