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It's a proven fact that crafting, especially knitting and crochet, has a dramatic impact on your health. Whether it be to aid healing or to act as a therapy, fibre related hobbies have been known to reduce stress therefore help many people to regain a sense of control in what is now a very busy modern life we tend to live.

After collapsing due to overwork and high stress I decided enough was enough and I had to start listening to what my body was trying to tell me, since then I have really taken "me time" very seriously - making sure I take time each and every day to reflect, plan, schedule, relax... I started a #selfcare list which is basically a list of things I can do to force myself to stop, breath, and just gather my thoughts. This lead me to think that these techniques I'm learning, exercises I am putting into practice could be shared - I know many many people that do not take self care seriously when they really should! So I wanted to put together "me time" boxes to help show you all just how important it is, but best of all just how fun!

So included in the boxes will be beautiful hand dyed yarn along with a suggested pattern for you to try, forcing you to stop, relax, and craft - reduce the stress you may be feeling and take some time out!

Also included in the boxes each month will be #selfcare surprise extras, focused on 'YOU' and your well being. I will also include techniques for you to try to reduce your stress, together we will learn the art of time out, how to regain control and to just simply relax!

Each month the yarn will vary, it may be a skein of luxury sock weight or it may be a mini skein bundle - each month will be different, focused on making these boxes truly special, just for you..... its ok to be selfish! your self care is important.

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2 Reviews

Gillian Lindsay 10th Jul 2019

Self care box

I was delighted with my box, the yarn is gorgeous and all the extras are perfect for a self pamper session.

Josephina Evans 11th Apr 2019

Self care subscription

My lovely package arrived on a day when I really needed a bit of self care! I can't wait to wind the pretty skein into a ball - the bright yellow and green, springtime colours are so refreshing and put a smile on my face

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