Love in Cold Climate

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This brand new colour way came to life after my son and I experienced a horrible event where my son was verbally attacked for being Autistic. Never one to dwell on a negative we came to the studio and decided to dye a rainbow! This yarn is named 'Love in a cold Climate' to showcase just how much love there really is in the world - the sheer volume of love and support we received after that horrid day was astounding! So this yarn says people should not be judged based on their appearance, their race, their sexuality, or how they perceive the world.. there is enough love to go round!

For every skein purchased we will be donating £2 to the National Autistic Society, because by raising awareness maybe we will lessen incidents like this happening to others.

Available in platinum sock (400m per skein) or standard DK (250m per skein. 

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